Dental crowns are like a ‘hat’ or ‘cap’ that completely covers broken or decayed teeth, protecting them from additional damage. Crowns are very strong and can be made to look just like natural teeth with the latest materials. Why not contact us today to see how we can help.


Why do I need a crown?
You will need a crown if your tooth is broken down or decayed heavily, or if you have a very large fillings in a tooth which is broken.

What kind of crowns are available?
Crowns can be made in 3 materials.
  • All porcelain. Our dentists use the best porcelain available (eMax) which can be made bespoke to match your existing teeth colour, shape and size. They are tough and durable and are suitable for both front and back teeth.
  • Porcelain fused to metal is used in areas where there are greater biting forces. They can be made to look very natural too, but do require more of the natural tooth to be removed to make space for the porcelain and metal.
  • Metal crowns are very conservative as they can be strong in thin section and therefore do not require much tooth to be removed. They can be made in a silver or gold colour and are made of an alloy of metals.

What are the benefits of having a crown?
  • Restoring functionality to a compromised tooth
  • Prevent a tooth from fracturing if it has broken before or has been very heavily filled.
  • Conceal teeth that are heavily stained or misshapen
  • Restoring a tooth after a root canal treatment

How long do crowns last?
Crowns are typically designed to last 10-15 years. Cements used these days as exceptionally strong and are designed to ensure crowns stay on very well.

How much do crowns cost?
There are several different crown options available and the cost will depend on the type of crown you choose and where the tooth is in the mouth. If you require a crown, your dentist will explain all the available options to you. When we fit you with crowns at Heybridge Dental Practice, you can count on receiving the best of care and aftercare throughout the entire process. Call us to schedule a consultation and get ready to enjoy a perfected smile within months.

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